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Add your Exchange account

  1. First of all, navigate to your phone settings. An easy way to do that is to swipe down from the very top of your phone to bring up the Notification Bar, and in the top right is a cog icon, which will take you to your settings

  2. Once settings are open, scroll down to 'Accounts and Backup' (may be called something similar depending on your version of Android, such as Cloud and Accounts, or just Accounts) and tap on that. Once in there, tap on 'Accounts'.

  3. Once in accounts, you may need to scroll down to the 'Add Account' button. Tap on that and then it will ask what type of account you want to add. Select 'Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync'. 

  4. It will then take you to a page similar to the below. Input your email address and then your password.
    When entered, click on 'Sign in'. From here, it may work straight away and start syncing, or it could need more details. If it's working straight away, skip to step 6.

  5. If it's asking for more details, follow the below example:
    Email address: your email address
    Domain\username: your email address
    Password: your password
    Exchange server:
    Once all of that is entered, tap on 'Sign in'.

    Unable to Verify Information

    If you are receiving an error that says it's unable to verify your information, then please ensure your email address and password are typed correctly

  6. If you've received the below prompt, that means you've added it successfully!
    Simply tap on 'Apply' and everything should be done! Open the default / native email app (usually just called 'Email') and your emails will start syncing in ~5 minutes or so.