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Auto Fill Contact

When you compose a message in outlook,  when you start typing letters in the TO: field outlook presents you with a list of contacts which you have emailed in the past. From here you can conveniently select you preferred address which auto fills the TO field.

On occasion these entries can become corrupt and need to be re-added.

 Remove single incorrect contact suggestions:

1. Compose a new email message and start typing the first letters of the address which keeps bouncing into the TO field.
2. When you see the address which is incorrectly resolving (bouncing back) appears in the drop-down list, highlight the entry using the

arrow keys and press the delete button or click on the red ‘X’ which appears to the right of the name. This will remove the entry from the suggestion list.

3. Now that the suggestion is removed, when you are finished composing the message type the full email address in the TO field of the email address and click "Send". It is important that the very next thing that you click after typing the email address is the send button, you cannot move the cursor to any other field because the incorrect suggestion will return.

Remove all incorrect contact suggestions:

Warning - After clicking "Empty Auto-Complete List" button you will not have any contacts suggested to you until you have entered them manually and sent 1 email.

1. Click on File --> Options.

2. On the following window click on "Mail" then under Send Messages click on "Empty Auto-Complete List".

In the future the email address will correctly resolve.