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Set an user as delegate to give the ability to create Skype meeting on the calendar.


This requires the delegator to be on an Skype for Business Plus plan (believe Standard Plus can be used) otherwise the "Call Forwarding" menu option does not appear to be able to delegate. The delegate must also have a Skype for Business Enterprise Plus plan. Otherwise they cannot book the meeting with audio/video functionality. They also will not be able to be selected in the delegator's delegate list menu (they just never get added to step 3).  

The delegate must have mailbox calendar access on the delegator to create a calendar entry.  Adding the account to outlook, having full access permissions or outlook delegate permissions are not required. 

If it's a resource you will need to sign into the resource account via the SFB client to setup the delegate access. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Access Skype options by clicking on the Options (cog) icon;

  2. Under 'Call Forwarding', click on 'Edit my delegate members'

  3. Click on 'Add..' and select your delegate after typing their name or email;

  4. You can untick "Receive Calls" if you choose. 
  5. Continue pressing OK until you are out of the Skype Options Menu
  6. Once the steps are finished, your delegate may need to sign in and out of Skype for Business to be able to create Skype meetings on your calendar.