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Uploading a File

1. Click on "ownCloud" icon on your desktop or visit the URL:

2. On the next screen, login to ownCloud with your ITonCloud username and password and click on the "Arrow" to login.

3. On the following screen click on the "Plus" icon and select the option "Upload" to upload a file.

Then navigate to the location of the file that you would like to upload.

4. The file has been uploaded successfully.

Sharing Files

5. Move the cursor to the file that you want to share and click on "Share" option.

6. A window will pop up on the right hand side, which will allow you to share via two methods. They can both be found under the "Sharing" tab.

How to Share internally

7. Under the "User and Groups" tab, you can search for a user within your organisation (NOTE: They will need to have logged in once to Owncloud for this method to work)

8. From there, you can left click once on the user shown under the search bar to share the document with them.

9. From there, you can choose to notify them by email with the button under their name, can customize whether they can share / edit via the tick boxes under their name, and can also remove them from being able to access the document with the Trash icon to the right of their name

10. Users will be able to access this with the "Shared with you" tab on the left panel when logged in to Owncloud.

How to share the document externally (and Internally)

11. Underneath the "Public Links" tab, you can create a link to send to people to view / edit your document. If you are sharing you document externally, this is the method you will have to use, but you can use this method to share internally as well.

12. Clicking on the "Create public link" button will bring a popup like the image below.

Here is how you can customise how you share this document. You can set a password that the user will have to enter to be able to view / edit the document (This is recommended), you can set an expiration date (so after that date, the document will be inaccessible), and if you enter an email address, a link will be sent to that email address that will allow the user to view / edit the document.

13. Once you click the "Share" button, the panel on the right side will update like the below, where the "Link name" from the previous window will appear under the "Public Links" tab.

14. The buttons to the right highlighted below give you options on what to do with this link you've created.


In order from left to right:

  • Copy to Clipboard - This button copies the link to your clipboard, which can be pasted by pressing CTRL + V. This link can be sent to people who you want to access the file, and they will be prompted for a password if you elected to have one.
  • Edit - This brings up the previous window which allows you to edit the link
  • Social Share - Allows you to share via Twitter, Facebook, Diaspora, Google +, and by email.
  • Remove - Removes the link to the document

The easiest way to share the link (and what we recommend) is to copy the link to clipboard (via the left most button in the highlighted box above), and then send this link to who you want to share it with.