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Step-by-step guide

This guide is specific for a Mail Profile Reset on the Local Computer, outside the Virtual Desktop.

Reset Mail Profile inside session

In case you need to reset your Mail Profile inside the Virtual Desktop, please follow the instructions in this link.

  1. Close Outlook on your computer and open the Control Panel from the Search menu.

  2. Type ‘mail’ in the search bar and click on 'Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)'. In some cases you can have a different name but they all start with Mail or have a similar icon.

  3. Select ‘Show Profiles’ from the Mail Setup menu

  4. Select ‘Add’ from the Mail menu and give any name to your new profile, then press ‘OK’

  5. Enter your details in each field as requested. A confirmation should prompt on your screen once that is completed.

    Extra Password Entry

    You might get prompted to enter your email and password again. These should be the same as the one used above.

  6. After that, select your new mail profile from the drop down menu and press ‘OK’

  7. Restart Outlook for the changes to take effect. To revert the changes, please select the profile you had active on the drop down menu prior the change in step 4.